Denise Powell

Senior LecturerDr Denise Powell

Internal Phone: 95958

Research Interests

My main research interests are: (i) early intervention with deaf children and their families; (ii) improvements in the provision and effectiveness of educational services for D/deaf students at all levels of education; (iii) social participation experiences and life transitions for deaf children and adults across the life span; (v) human rights issues for disabled people, especially those disabled by accident/injury.

Recent Publications

  • Hyde M., Nikolaraizi M., Powell DRA. and Stinson M. (2016) Critical Factors Toward the Inclusion of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in Higher Education.. In Marschark M; Lampropoulou V; Skordilis EK (Ed.), Diversity in Deaf Education: 441-471. London: Oxford University Press.
  • Rutherford G., Hale L. and Powell D. (2015) "We Put a Few Ramps in Here and There, That's About It": The Need to Ramp our Minds in Academia. In Corcoran T; White J; Whitburn B (Ed.), Disability Studies: Educating for Inclusion: 137-156. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  • Harcombe H., Davie G., Wyeth E., Ameratunga S., Powell D. and Derrett S. (2020) Predictors of severe or multiple subsequent injuries over 24 months among an already-injured cohort in New Zealand. Injury 51(3): 620-627.
  • Powell D., Boon A. and Luckner J. (2019) Improving the New Zealand sign language skills of educators. Deafness and Education International 21(4): 227-239.
  • Derrett S., Harcombe H., Wyeth, E., Davie G., Samaranayaka A., Hansen P., Hall, G., Cameron I., Gabbe B. and Powell D. (2016) Subsequent Injury Study (SInS): Improving outcomes for injured New Zealanders. Injury Prevention injuryprev-2016-042193: 1-6.


EDST 621 Theory and Foundations of Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDST 622 Evidence-based Interprofessional Practice in Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDST 623 Practicum in Deaf and Hard of Hearing