Christoph Teschers

Senior LecturerDr Christoph Teschers

Rehua Level 4
Internal Phone: 94647
My aim for education is to support the well-being and development of a good life for all our students.


Research Interests

I am mainly interested in exploring the relationship between people’s well-being, the philosophical notion of the art of living and educational theory and practice. By drawing on philosophy as well as positive psychology, I believe that relevant insights can be gained for the role of education for students’ (and teachers’) well-being and development of a good and beautiful life. Over the last years, I have also explored the role Philosophy for Children, and especially the Community of Philosophical Inquiry as a pedagogical tool, can have to support the development of skills and knowledge that are relevant for each student’s own art of living. Seeing each person as a unique and individual human being, acknowledgement of students’ diversity is a key aspect for my understanding of inclusion in education and guides my research endeavors in this area.

Recent Publications