Cara Swit

Senior LecturerDr Cara Swit

Programme Coordinator - Specialist Teaching
Rehua 319
Internal Phone: 94408
Educational and Developmental Psychology


Research Interests

My research interests include social cognitive processing in preschool-age children and the relationship with relational and physical aggression/bullying. From a Social Learning perspective, I also conduct research on teacher, parent, and child normative beliefs about different aggressive behaviours and how these directly/indirectly influence child behaviour.

My current research project, 'THRIVE', is a longitudinal study examining the bidirectional relationship between parenting and child aggression/bullying. This project has been designed to respond to the urgent need to improve understanding of the risk and protective factors that contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand having the highest rate of reported childhood bullying and some of the worst child wellbeing outcomes amongst OECD nations.

Recent Publications

  • Swit CS. and Breen R. (2022) Parenting During a Pandemic: Predictors of Parental Burnout. Journal of Family Issues : 0192513X2110648-0192513X2110648.
  • Sotardi VA., Watson P., Swit C., Roy D. and Bajaj M. (2021) Adolescent stress, help-seeking intentions, subjective achievement and life satisfaction in New Zealand: Tests of mediation, moderated mediation and moderation. Stress and Health 37(4): 650-668.
  • Swit CS. (2021) Differential associations between relational and physical aggression: why do teachers and parents perceive these behaviors differently? Early Child Development and Care 191(3): 321-337.
  • Swit CS. and Slater NM. (2021) Relational aggression during early childhood: A systematic review. Aggression and Violent Behavior 58
  • Coyne SM., Swit C., Stockdale L. and Summers K. (2020) The growth of gossip: Socialization of relational aggression from adolescence to emerging adulthood. Aggressive Behavior 46(6): 535-546.