Brad Miles

LecturerDr Brad Miles

Sport Coaching Programme Coordinator
Rehua 313
Internal Phone: 93441


Research Interests

Research interests include social-cognitive mechanisms of sport performance and engagement, evolutionary foundations of sporting behaviour, and the social history of sport in New Zealand.

Recent Publications

  • Miles B., Dorahy MJ., Naswall K., Malinen S. and McNatty G. (2013) The Canterbury Support Line: A Review of the Literature and Evaluation of the Service.Commissioned by Ministry of Social Development. 49pp.
  • Miles BH. (2012) Social Perception of the Human Voice: Perciever atonement to vocal specification of speaker physical characteristics. Christchurch, New Zealand. University of Canterbury.
  • Miles BH. (2003) Intuitive biology : an evolutionary approach to everyday biological reasoning. Christchurch, New Zealand. University of Canterbury.