Bernadette Farrell

LecturerBernadette Farrell

Internal Phone: 91211

Research Interests

My research interests include youth and student engagement, participation, leadership and voice. I am also more broadly interested in the ethics and politics of education, tertiary education policy and the work of Paulo Freire and John Dewey. My research is inspired by my experience as a former youth leader and an elected officer of the Union of Students in Ireland. My passion is around the inclusion of marginalised voices, particularly young people and students, and the potential of these voices to advance change toward social justice and increasingly ecological sustainability.

Recent Publications

  • Nieto Ángel MC., Maciel Vahl M., Farrell B., Macfarlane S. and Macfarlane AH. (2021) REPERCUSSÃO E DIÁLOGO: PAULO FREIRE NA AOTEAROA/NOVA ZELÂNDIA. Ideação 23(1)
  • Peters MA., Jackson L., Hung R., Mika C., Buchanan RA., Tesar M., Besley T., Hood N., Sturm S. and Farrell B. (2021) The case for academic plagiarism education: A PESA Executive collective writing project. Educational Philosophy and Theory
  • Nieto Ángel MC., Maciel Vahl M. and Farrell B. (2020) Critical Pedagogy, Dialogue and Tolerance: A Learning to Disagree Framework. Critical Pedagogy in Uncertain Times Hope and Possibilities: 139-158.Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Farrell B. (2018) Dewey, Freire and student engagement: a critique of tertiary education policy in Ireland and New Zealand. Christchurch. University of Canterbury.
  • Farrell B., Nieto Ángel MC. and Maciel Vahl M. (2018) Hope and Utopia in Post-truth Times: A Freirean Approach. Associação Brasileira de Alfabetização (ABAlf) 1(6): 81-97.