Benita Rarere-Briggs

Lecturer (Teaching and Admin Only)Benita Rarere-Briggs

Programme Coordinator: BTchLn ECE
Rehua Level 5
Internal Phone: 93731


Research Interests

My writing and research interests are currently centred on children with disabilities and access and participation in early childhood educational settings.

Recent Publications

  • Surtees N., Taleni LT., Ismail R., Rarere-Briggs B. and Stark R. (2021) Sailiga tomai ma malamalama’aga fa’a-Pasifika—Seeking Pasifika Knowledge to Support Student Learning: Reflections on Cultural Values Following an Educational Journey to Samoa. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies 56(2): 269-283.
  • Rarere-Briggs BK. (2016) Co-constructing and enacting a shared vision for culturally responsive and inclusive pedagogy: Enabling preservice teacher growth and development.. Research Symposium presentation: Inquiring into Teacher Professional Learning: Mentoring, Induction and Beyond.
  • Rarere-Briggs B. and Turnock K. (2014) An essential and engaging on-line environment for learning - Making it meaningful. Our journey. In Proceedings: 62-66.
  • Gordon-Burns D., Purdue K., Rarere-Briggs B., Stark R. and Turnock K. (2012) Key factors in creating inclusive early childhood settings for children with disabilities and their families. In Gordon-Burns D; Gunn AC; Purdue K; Surtees N (Ed.), Te Aotūroa Tātaki: Inclusive early childhood education: Perspectives on inclusion, social justice and equity from Aotearoa New Zealand: 155-173. Wellington: NZCER Press.
  • Rarere-Briggs B., Gordon-Burns D., Purdue K., Stark R. and Turnock K. (2012) Do I accommodate his developmental age or do I want him to be with his peers?' (In)exclusionary discourses used in early childhood settings and their implications for teacher education. International Journal of Equity and Innovation in Early Childhood 10(1): 37-59.