Anna Howe

LecturerAnna Howe

Rehua 304
Internal Phone: 91371

Research Interests

My research mostly uses routinely collected data to answer wide ranging questions looking at improving child health outcomes. My most recent work has been examining vaccine effectiveness, immunisation coverage, and immunisation programme evaluation, and maternal use of pharmaceuticals during pregnancy and child outcomes, all utilising administrative health data.

While vaccines are determined safe and efficacious/effective in overseas studies before being funded here, gaps still exist in confirming this for New Zealand populations. I have been involved in research examining the epidemiology of pneumococcal disease in New Zealand and examining the overall effectiveness of our routine childhood pneumococcal programme. In addition, certain conditions or diseases mean some children are at higher risk of invasive pneumococcal disease, which cause causes significant morbidity and mortality, especially in the young and patients with underlying conditions. While PHARMAC funds additional vaccines for children considered at high-risk of pneumococcal disease, nobody has actually evaluated the effectiveness of this programme in New Zealand, or even if these high-risk individuals are getting the additional funded protection. Our hope is that understandings from this study will help inform actions to improve vaccination rates and inform schedule decisions, in order to help prevent pneumococcal related morbidity and mortality, and potentially reduce inequities experienced by children with chronic and congenital conditions.

Recent Publications

  • Higgins S., Stoner L., Lubransky A., Howe AS., Wong JE., Black K. and Skidmore P. (2020) Social jetlag is associated with cardiorespiratory fitness in male but not female adolescents. Sleep Medicine 75: 163-170.
  • Howe AS., Pointon L., Gauld N., Paynter J., Willing E. and Turner N. (2020) Pertussis and influenza immunisation coverage of pregnant women in New Zealand. Vaccine 38(43): 6766-6776.
  • McIlhone KA., Best EJ., Petousis-Harris H. and Howe AS. (2020) Impact of rotavirus vaccine on paediatric rotavirus hospitalisation and intussusception in New Zealand: A retrospective cohort study. Vaccine 38(7): 1730-1739.
  • Chisholm H., Howe A., Best E. and Petousis-Harris H. (2019) Pertussis vaccination failure in the New Zealand pediatric population: Study protocol. Vaccines 7(3)
  • Landi SN., Radke S., Boggess K., Engel SM., Stürmer T., Howe AS. and Jonsson Funk M. (2019) Comparative effectiveness of metformin versus insulin for gestational diabetes in New Zealand.. Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety 28 12: 1609-1619.