Andi Delaune

LecturerAndrea Delaune

Programme Coordinator: Grad Dip ECE
Rehua Level 5
Internal Phone: 90125


Research Interests

Andi is an experienced Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Skilled in Early Childhood Education, Leadership and Critical Policy Analysis.

Recent Publications

  • Gibbons A., Peters MA., Delaune A., Jandrić P., Sojot AN., Kupferman DW., Tesar M., Johansson V., Cabral M. and Devine N. (2021) Infantasies: An EPAT collective project. Educational Philosophy and Theory 53(14): 1442-1453.
  • Delaune A. (2020) Attention and early childhood education. Christchurch. University of Canterbury.
  • Peters MA., Jayne White E., Tesar M., Gibbons A., Arndt S., Rutanen N., Degotardi S., Salamon A., Browne K. and Redder B. (2020) Infantologies. An EPAT collective writing project. Educational Philosophy and Theory
  • Dean J. and Delaune A. (2019) Supporting young gifted children through transitioning from early childhood education to school. He Kupu 6(1): 19-25.
  • Delaune A. (2019) Moral philosophy, Te Whāriki and gender. Educational Philosophy and Theory 51(7): 721-730.