Amanda Denston

Senior Research FellowAmanda Denston

Rehua Level 3
Internal Phone: 94285
My research aim is to further understand the role of psychosocial development in children, especially in relation to literacy development.


Research Interests

I am interested in children with literacy learning difficulties across childhood. This includes psychosocial development (and links to well-being)and literacy development. I am also interested in the development of early literacy skills in children and factors that may influence this.

Recent Publications

  • Everatt J. and Denston A. (2021) Response by Everatt and Denston. European Journal of Special Needs Education
  • Martin R., Denston A., Fickel L. and O'Toole V. (2021) Understanding how teachers perceive socio-emotional wellbeing: Contributing to the development of a linguistically and culturally responsive SEW framework in Aotearoa New Zealand. University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand: 13th Educational Psychology Forum, 1-2 Feb 2021.
  • Gillon G., McNeill B., Denston A., Scott A. and Macfarlane A. (2020) Evidence-Based Class Literacy Instruction for Children with Speech and Language Difficulties. Topics in Language Disorders 40(4): 357-374.
  • Denston A. and Everatt J. (2019) Interventions targeting literacy and well-being in New Zealand and Kuwaiti students.. Goa, India: 3rd International Conference of the Association for Reading and Writing in Asia (ARWA), 28 Feb 2019.
  • Denston A., Everatt J. and Taleni T. (2019) Self-esteem, self-efficacy, and resilience in children with literacy learning difficulties in English. Jyväskylä, Finland: 7th International Workshop on Advanced Learning Sciences (IWALS), 17 Jun 2019.