What others say about us

“This is the best PD I've ever had because it is tailored for me and my students, and by doing the tasks set my relationship with the students has immediately improved. This has improved the atmosphere in the class, and has given me information which allowed me to change my teaching to suit them which they love. I have been very open with them that they are my PD class, and I think they feel like we are all in this together - I'm learning more about how to teach, they are learning more about learning and science, but we are all on a journey together. By having 'homework' I've not been talked at then left to do what I want with the information. I get feedback!!, and encouragement to try new things. It’s also given a real structure to Teaching as Inquiry.”

Science Teacher, Cullinane College

"Fantastic workshop, I know where to from here."

Science Teacher, Levin

“Being in this PLD encouraged me to reflect on the basic skills all good teachers should have. These amount to taking an active interest in the students, encourage them to take responsibility for their work and to understand that results are tied to effort. Also I structured the learning to the level of the students which again is fundamental to good teaching.”

HOD Mathematics, High School

“I'd just like to reiterate that it was a fantastically positive experience for us, having you spend three days at our school. You were absolutely the right person for the job, as you are such a warm and generous person, and have such wide experience of language teaching in different schools in NZ. We knew that we could have total trust that you would give us honest feedback in a way that would help us to move forward, and that would make everyone feel empowered rather than judged.”

HOD Languages, Secondary School

"What an inspiring presentation. You certainly developed curiosity and recognised maths in the real world. Loved how you weaved the research and made connections throughout the presentation."

Teacher, Primary School