Learning Languages

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We provide professional learning support for teachers of all languages in Years 1-13.

Centrally funded PLD

We encourage teachers and middle leaders in charge of the Learning Languages to consult with their principal about this opportunity. Please also contact our Learning Languages facilitator, Jeni Lemberg, if you need help in preparing the PLD proposal. Find out more about centrally funded PLD.


We offer a wide range of PLD opportunities on a fee-for-service basis. These include:

  • Department and faculty reviews
  • Learning Area workshops/inquiry clusters
  • NCEA subject knowledge and assessment practices
  • Coaching and mentoring for middle and senior leaders
  • Support for introducing a new language programme in Years 1-8
  • Support for existing Years 7-8 programmes
  • Information about further language learning and teaching opportunities with languages, for example, applications for the Language Immersion Awards; Asian Language funding proposals and existing contracts
  • Establishing networks of learning for language teachers
  • Support for provisionally certificated teachers

Contact us to discuss your needs.