Primary Science

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Science centred PLD inspiring teachers to inspire students

The UC Education Plus Primary Science team can assist you to pursue tailored PLD in science.

PLD central funding can be accessed and applied for by individual schools/kura or CoL/Kāhui Ako. Schools are required to make a PLD proposal to their regional Ministry of Education office. Facilitators are available to assist schools with preparing PLD proposals.

Find out more about centrally funded PLD.

Professional learning foci

  • To inspire teachers to participate in teaching exciting science that encourages students' careful observation, questions, curiosity and provides students with the tools to carry our meaningful inquiries through investigation.
  • To increase teachers understanding of the Nature of Science/Science Capabilities and how they can be included in planning and in the classroom.
  • Outlining ways to increase student achievement of all students, particularly Māori, Pasifika and those with special education needs through culturally responsive and inclusive practices.
  • Assessment and moderation, involving gathering data that indicates progress and next steps for a student.
  • Ways to use Literacy and Mathematics in Science within meaningful contexts.
  • Using electronic and digital tools to promote learning for 21st century learners.
  • Ensuring sustainable practices and community involvement.
  • Lead professional learning with staff to meet your school's needs, eg class team-teaching, staff meetings, Teaching as Inquiry and supporting lead teacher and science team in updating Science Curriculum and Programmes of Work based on the NZC.

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