New Zealand Curriculum

We can support you with professional development for effective implementation of The New Zealand Curriculum. This may include professional support and guidance to:

  • strengthen school’s curriculum leadership to give effect to the NZC and put in place processes and documentation to ensure regular school curriculum review and inquiry cycles
  • identify and strengthen one or more of the NZC principles, within the school context, that need to support the formal decision-making framework for school and classroom programme design
  • improve coherence of school curriculum design and delivery, particularly through the integration and monitoring of the key competencies into school and classroom programmes
  • improve pedagogical practices that embed the Teaching as Inquiry cycle and are therefore responsive to students’ strengths and needs, including their identities, languages and cultures. This will involve a particular priority on Māori, Pasifika and students with special education needs
  • support schools to explore how ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching and how it can open up new learning and different ways of learning
  • build the capability of schools and schools’ leadership for continuous improvement in raising student outcomes
  • accelerate the progress of students who are traditionally underserved by the education system.

The depth and delivery of the PLD is tailored to your school/CoL's needs. 

Support is available through centrally funded PLD or on a fee-for-service basis. Contact us to discuss your needs.