Primary Mathematics and Statistics

Teacher with young students learning mathematics with beads

Pihi kau ake te whakaaro pai, hauhake tonu iho
When a good thought springs up, it is harvested

UC Education Plus has a team of accredited facilitators available to provide centrally funded professional learning and development (PLD) in Mathematics.

Mathematics is identified as an area of National Priority by the Ministry of Education. It includes foundational knowledge and skills essential for successful learning across the national curriculum and skills required for full participation in the 21st century. Students can be challenged to develop a foundation for their thinking and understanding of mathematics through collaboration, exploration and resolution of meaningful problems. These skills can develop a disposition to life-long learning, both within mathematics and across all curriculum areas.

The purpose of centrally funded PLD is to provide funding and support to schools, kura and CoLs to focus on changes and improvements that will lift outcomes for students in mathematics, and reduce disparities for priority learners. To access this centrally funded PLD you will need to submit a proposal to your regional Ministry of Education office, based on the individual needs identified by your school or CoL. Our facilitators may be able to assist you with preparing your PLD proposal - please contact us for further information.

Once approved, a delivery plan is co-constructed with a facilitator that engages teachers in a teaching as inquiry framework to refine and develop practices that engage all students in the learning of mathematics. Typically the PLD is likely to be delivered through a flexible and responsive selection of:

  • whole-school staff meetings for the development of common, consistent curriculum messages, culturally responsive pedagogies, assessment and planning
  • individual teacher and syndicate meetings to analyse student achievement data, attending particularly to students in need of accelerated progress and addressing issues of in-school variance of student achievement
  • individual teacher meetings to set and review personal developmental goals
  • classroom modelling, observation and follow-up discussion
  • syndicate and staff meetings to develop effective pedagogy, content knowledge and programmes to accelerate learning
  • leadership meetings for planning and reflection on the learning needs of the staff
  • mentoring and coaching

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Kevin Hannah

Team Leader Mathematics
Accredited Facilitator
Ōtākaro Annex 172
Internal Phone: 93493

Carol Butel

Accredited Facilitator
Ōtākaro 117
Internal Phone: 94834

Elizabeth Johnson

Accredited Facilitator
Ōtākaro 117
Internal Phone: 94175

Robyn McNeill

Accredited Facilitator
Ōtākaro 117
Internal Phone: 94174

Sarah Cobb

Accredited Facilitator
Ōtākaro 117
Internal Phone: 94195