Kevin Hannah

Team Leader MathematicsKevin Hannah

Accredited Facilitator & Expert Partner
Otakaro 183
Internal Phone: 93493

MOE Accredited Facilitator - Summary of Practice

Kevin has significant experience working collaboratively with primary, intermediate and secondary schools in developing mathematics teaching practice. He is the regional leader for mathematics PLD and the mathematics interventions ALiM and MST provided to many teachers across Canterbury, West Coast, Nelson and Marlborough.

Personal expertise

  • Developing teacher pedagogical content knowledge and subject content knowledge within Mathematics and Statistics in the New Zealand Curriculum through in-depth whole school PLD, workshops, co-teaching and mentoring.
  • Working intensively with teachers using the Teaching as Inquiry cycle to assist in the development of communities of mathematical inquiry and productive mathematical discussion in classrooms.
  • Assisting schools to link classroom practice with the principles of Ka Hikitia, Tātaiako and The Pasifika Education Plan to support teachers to develop culturally responsive practices that acknowledge the identity, language and culture of all of their students.
  • Assisting schools to strengthen assessment practices to inform teaching and learning programmes and Overall Teacher Judgments (OTJ).
  • Working collaboratively with schools to determine PLD responses through discussion with principals, senior management, classroom teachers and students to provide a broad triangulation of information about the culture, strengths and learning needs of staff and students.
  • Experience in primary, intermediate and secondary schools with bringing together teachers from different schools to develop the leadership capability in schools in relation to mathematics and statistics, and to support each other through sharing successes and challenges in practice.
  • Experience in workshop presentation in mathematics at a regional symposia and national and international conference level.


Kevin was a member of the writing team for the Mathematics and Statistics curriculum, and in 2005 was awarded the New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers Jim Campbell Award for Teaching Excellence. He has written and contributed to research papers published and presented in international mathematics conferences on visual reasoning and audiographics communication technology. His current interests revolve around algebraic reasoning.

Kevin has a Master of Science (distinction) in mathematics from University of Otago, a Master of Education (distinction) from University of Canterbury, and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning. He holds a Registered Teacher Practicing Certificate.

In his spare time Kevin grows a mass of vegetables, crafts all grain beers, tries to catch fish and enjoys excursions to the movies. Married to Rachel, he has four children and a few more grandchildren spread around the globe. They provide plenty of reasons to travel.


"We were just talking about you today ..... how your work with us changed the way maths is taught here. Kids really love Maths :-)" - Principal