Privacy and consent statement for all forms

Complying with privacy and legal responsibilities is required for all forms, surveys and questionaires.

We need to be careful with how we handle people’s information (including access, storage and disposal). Aside from the negative effects that poor privacy management can have on an individual if their privacy is breached, recent privacy breaches in the media show how damaging it can be to an organisation when responsibilities are not met.

You must

  • state the purpose of your form, why you are collecting users' information
  • enable users to consent to you using their information
  • state how long the information will be kept for
  • provide assurances that the information collected will be managed securely
  • provide assurances that the information will not be distributed to third parties
  • provide absolute clarity the information will be used for the declared purpose(s) of collection only

Privacy and consent wording

All online forms, surveys and questionaires require a privacy and consent section people must agree to before they can submit your form. Copy the consent template below and edit it for your form.

If you need to add an additional clause eg 'agree to be contacted by email in future and asked to take part in an online survey', or other change to the wording contact IRM staff for advice.

Consent template

"In submitting this form I agree to my details being used for the purposes of [insert reason for data collection eg administering/managing the conference]. The information will only be accessed by necessary university staff. I understand my data will be held securely and will not be distributed to third parties. I have a right to change or access my information. I understand that when this information is no longer required for this purpose, official university procedure will be followed to dispose of my data."

Your department's commitment

Form owners of the information collected must follow through on the details of privacy and consent stated in your form. Your department has a legal commitment to ensure information is held securely, destroyed when no longer needed and measures are taken to prevent any inappropriate disclosure.

If you need guidance about data collection and what to do with it

If you are uncertain and need guidance around how long you should retain the data you are collecting, the Information and Records team can provide specific advice on this. Their contact details are below.

Alternatively see the university’s General Disposal Authority (GDA) available on the Records Disposal page (IRM website).

More information about the the universities privacy responsibilities

Contact Information and Records Management Team (IRM website) if you have any queries or need any advice.

Example forms with consent statement