Forms, surveys, questionnaires

You CAN NOT use non-university forms or systems for the collection or storage of staff or student personal data. This is to protect the collection and use of staff and student data as per the UC Privacy Policy and Privacy Act 1993. It includes Google forms or any other online form systems.

There are some exceptions including the use of Qualtrics for the collection of survey data. The Digital Team doesn't offer support or expertise on Qualitrics but further information can be found on the Academic Services's Qualtrics Survey Support page.

The Digital Team can help with some online forms, if you require one for your site, please provide with the following information

  • Details of all the form fields / questions, including any compulsory fields, put an asterisk * beside those which are compulsory
  • Content for your thank you page - this page will load in the browser if the form is successfully submitted. It should include the following:

    Page title - Thank you for signing up for ......"
    What happens next? - Tell people what happens now. Who will contact them? How many working days will it take? etc.
    If you have any questions please contact - Supply the details of someone to contact - name, email and perhaps a phone number
  • Privacy and consent statement - Complying with privacy and legal responsibilities is required for all forms, questionnaires and surveys. Your department has clear legal responsibilities to meet these requirements, this page contains information and the example wording required for your form
  • The location of this form - eg Student Support
  • Go-live date for your form and the date it should no longer be live if short term
  • Form testing and sign off: what is involved and what you need to do - this page explains how you test your form and sign off during the development process.