Digital Team core functions


  • Provide web support, site access, training and advice

Site analysis

  • Review of site effectiveness
  • Information Architecture
  • Search engine performance
  • Web usage reports and statistics

Design and development

  • UC Branding on the Web, brand support and marketing on the web
  • Adaptation of UC template
  • Template engineering and development
  • Websites creation
  • Web redevelopment and restructuring
  • Standards compliance, web usability and best practice

Social Media

  • Administration of central UC social media channels
  • Support and setup of College/School/Department social media channels
  • Social media branding assistance
  • Social media policy and guidelines
  • Social media training

Web management and strategy

  • Web and content management
  • Web roles and staffing
  • Web and Information Strategy
  • Project Management

Web systems and capital Projects

  • Capital Web Projects
  • Development of Web Systems
  • Course Information System
  • Web-database integration and efficiencies