Each university year is divided into two semesters, with a mid-semester break in each. Below is an outline of what your year will involve:

  • February

  • April

  • May

    • Lectures end for Semester One (31st)
  • June

    • Semester One study break (4th – 7th)
    • Semester One examinations (10th – 22nd)
    • Mid-year break (24th June – 12th July)
  • July

    • Semester One exam results released (5th)
    • Lectures start for Semester Two (15th)
  • August

    • Mid semester lecture break (26th August – 6th September)
  • September

    • Lectures resume (9th)
  • October

    • Lectures end for Semester Two (18th)
    • Semester Two study break (21st – 27th)
    • Semester Two examinations (29th October – 9th November)
  • November

    • Summer School starts (11th)
    • Semester Two exam results (29th)

For further information, please visit our Key Dates page.