Vehicle Insurance


Vehicle Use and Fleet Management Policy


Fleet Vehicle Insurance Claims Process

  1. Fleet vehicle damage reported to/discovered by Security and claim form provided to vehicle booker.
  2. Vehicle booker completes Motor Vehicle Claim Form and returns to Security.
  3. Security obtain quote for repair from Vehicle Repair Supplier.
  4. Security email the claim form and quote for repair to the Insurer and cc:
  5. Insurer provides a claim number to Security.
  6. Security email the claim number, copy of claim form and copy of quote to (cc: to raise a PO to the vehicle repairer.
  7. Finance Shared Services confirm to Security the PO has been raised.
  8. Vehicle repair supplier contacts Security to confirm booking time/date.
  9. Vehicle repaired and ready for Fleet availability.

Rental Vehicle Insurance Claims Process

UC participates in the All-of-Government contract for rental vehicles. UC's providers are Hertz and Thrifty. Ace Rental Cars are a subsidiary company of Hertz.

  1. Damage to rental vehicles should be reported to the provider (e.g., Hertz) at the time of the accident or when the vehicle is returned.
  2. In addition to completing the provider's paperwork, the vehicle booker MUST complete a Motor Vehicle Claim Form then send it directly to the Insurer and cc:
  3. If the claim form is not completed, signed and sent to the Insurer, you will be contacted by UC to complete the process.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the policy cover hired vehicles?

Yes, the policy covers damage to hired vehicles whilst in the University's care/custody/control.

What is the process for windscreen repairs?

You do not need to complete a claim form for glass-only damage. If using Novus or Smith & Smith you can simply provide them with UC’s policy number and proceed with the repair. Please contact to obtain the policy number. If an alternative glazier is used, the insurer will require an estimate for authorisation.

If the damage is to a hired vehicle, first check with the hiring company whether they have a set process or preferred glazier.

Do I need to purchase additional insurance for a rental vehicle while travelling overseas?

The University's insurer will pay the excess up to $6,000 on insurance taken out on a rental vehicle overseas. The traveller needs to take local insurance for the vehicle, however the excess should not be over $6,000 or additional cover should be taken to reduce it to this level. No additional cover is required if the excess is under $6,000.