Essential travel information

UC Staff Travel

Given the ongoing risks and uncertainties with international travel, staff and those who approve staff travel should consider, discuss and mitigate against any identified travel risks ahead of a staff member travelling overseas for UC business purposes.

Please refer to the Travel Insurance intranet site for more information and to access a copy of the Pre-Travel Risk Assessment - Travel Insurance - Insurance - UC Intranet (

If you have any questions, please contact a member of UC’s Risk and Insurance Team via

Staff travellers are encouraged to register to use the Healix Travel Oracle App – ahead of travel.  More information about the app and how to download it can be found at Healix Travel Oracle App - Insurance - UC Intranet (

Checklist for UC travellers

  • It is mandatory to use the University's contracted travel management company, Orbit, for all University travel. In rare exceptions, it may be possible to request a departure from this policy by contacting

  • If you require UC travel insurance, please obtain it from the Allianz portal prior to travel.  To secure travel insurance, please refer to the travel insurance intranet site for more information - Travel Insurance - Insurance - UC Intranet (   Please note this is a two-step process with the first step (registration to the Portal) only needing to be completed once.   An insurance certificate will be issued, and this must be retained for the duration of your trip, should you need to make a claim or require emergency assistance.

  • Register your travel with New Zealand authorities so you can be easily contacted in case of an emergency. Only applicable to New Zealand citizens travelling on a New Zealand passport.

  • Check travel advisory updates for high or extreme risk destinations.

  • Keep tabs on MFAT's latest advisories via their Facebook page.

  • Hazardous pursuits endorsement(PDF, 265kb) details hazardous pursuits not covered by UC's travel insurance.

  • If you need to make a travel claim and your travel insurance is covered by, or obtained through, UC's travel insurer, please contact to obtain a claim form.