Information for postgraduate students

Additional information is also covered on the Information for students page.

Where possible, we encourage students to work in a safe and hygienic manner. That means following all on-campus safety measures including using face masks, observing social distancing, staying home if you feel unwell, and isolating if you have returned a positive RAT test or are waiting for the results of a COVID test.

Communicate with your supervisor about how best to continue your research and make plans to work from home. If it is impossible to carry out your research without access to on-campus facilities then discuss this with your supervisor as soon as possible but also plan for disruptions to your study. Have a Plan B in place if you cannot access a lab or archive that is essential to your progress. It is unlikely that COVID related extensions will be available, so you should be prepared to have contingencies in place.

If, as part of your research, you will be engaging in person with a company or organisation outside the University of Canterbury (e.g., meetings or collecting data), you will need to follow vaccine mandates for that company or organisation. If you are not able to meet their requirements please ensure you have a plan ‘B’ in place to continue your research. Please consult with your supervisor if you need to use plan ‘B’.

It should be noted that some companies and organisations have mandated vaccination in all situations, whereas other companies and organisations might vary their position on the need for vaccination depending on the respective levels of the new “traffic light system”. We urge all postgraduate research students to check with the relevant company or organisation before engaging with them.

At all times, keep communicating with your supervisor and make plans for if you get unwell or if you cannot access campus facilities. As always, you can reach out to the Postgraduate Research Office for support, if you need: