Professional Practice 1

15 points



This first practicum course provides an intensive school-based opportunity for students to interact with and observe a range of teachers in a primary or intermediate school, and then work collaboratively with one mentor/associate teacher for a prolonged period of time. Students will observe, plan, teach, manage and assess student learning and then evaluate / critically appraisal and reflect on their professional development. Teaching experiences will progress from working with small groups to full class, with the students taking increasing responsibility, with support and guidance, for daily programme /class management as the placement progresses. These experiences and the associated documentation, in conjunction with mentor/lecturer observations, will provide formative feedback in relation to the students developing knowledge, skill and practices, identify emergent needs, and enable summative assessment in relation to the course learning outcomes. Course outcomes are described as a series of competencies. The course will both complement and apply learning in other courses in the Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning (Primary)