Fieldwork Practicum II

45 points



Field experience of 60 days in social service agencies under the guidance of accredited fieldwork teachers. Teaching and learning methods seek to facilitate an effective framework for initial practice, guided by the Social Workers Registration Board 10 core competencies. Students enrolled in SOWK672 must provide attestations as to character and suitability for continuing practice and agree to practice and be bound by the Code of Ethics of the New Zealand Association of Social Workers and the New Zealand Social Workers Registration Board's registration: Fit and Proper Person Policy. Students enrolled in this course whose circumstances change in regard to character or suitability must inform the course co-ordinator immediately. Changes in circumstances, whether notified by the student or others, may result in the student being required to undergo a re-assessment arranged by the Head of Department. Registered social work field educators and individual students on placement are supported by a designated teaching liaison person.


SOWK671. Subject to approval of the Head of Department.