Special Topic: Communes, Cults, Riots and Revolutions: Collective Behaviour in Modern Society

15 points

Not offered 2019, offered in 2016

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Why people behave in a collective fashion is not ways obvious from the outset, often not even to themselves. This course introduces the concept of collective behaviour, looking at what the term covers, what it does not, and how we can begin to make sense of this collectivity. This course will cover the sociological study of cults, communes, riots, protests, gangs, terrorism, revolutionary behaviour, and moral panics, within historical and contemporary contexts.


15 points of ANTH, SOCI, COMS, ENGL, HIST, SOWK, HSRV, PSYC, or MAOR at 100 level.
Students with at least a B average in 30 points of appropriate courses may be admitted with the approval of the course coordinator