Sustainability Transitions, Transformations and Agents of Change

30 points

Not offered 2023

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This course supports students to work as transdisciplinary scholars, thinking critically about how individuals, communities, entrepreneurs, firms, non-governmental organisations and governments (at multiple scales) can effect change for sustainability, and learning to synthesize and apply knowledge for sustainable and regenerative social, economic and environmental transformations. Sustainability problems, incorporating diverse values, knowledge and ways of seeing the world are often inherently conflictual. In this course students will learn tools to address these conflictual sustainability problems. The course will consider how to listen across significant differences of life experience and professional training and how to build network supports, identify stakeholders, develop resources and policies for implementation and evaluation to create or co-create a sustainability action plans for an applied field problem. The course will include an overnight field trip and opportunity to develop to applied research methods in a project about sustainable transitions.