Atmospheric, Oceanic and Climate Dynamics

15 points

Not offered 2022, offered in 2015, 2018, 2019, 2021

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Principles of the dynamics of a rotating fluid applied to large-scale motion of the Earth's atmosphere, oceans and climate will be detailed. The first portion of the course will focus on atmospheric thermodynamics and large-scale dynamics in the atmosphere. Details of the global energy balance driving the observed general circulation of the atmosphere and the impacts of variations in atmospheric composition (changes in greenhouse gases) and solar irradiance on this energy balance and climate change will be discussed. The latter section of this course will examine ocean dynamics and their linkages to atmospheric circulations, the El Niño Southern oscillation will be used as an example of atmosphere-ocean linkages in this discussion.


(1) PHYS201 or PHYS205; (2) PHYS202 or PHYS203 or PHYS206 (3) MATH103 or EMTH119 or MATH201. RP: MATH202


PHYS316, PHYS418, PHYS419

Recommended Preparation