Electromagnetism and Materials

15 points



The treatment of electromagnetic forces and potentials in vector form. Development of the fundamental laws of electromagnetism through to the Maxwell equations in integral form. Practical application of electromagnetic theory to various physical situations. Introduction to modern materials starting with their different classifications, their physical structure and their basic electronic properties. Later sections will include discussion of nanomaterials and semiconductors. Frequent reference will be made to the technological relevance of the material as well as the basic physics at its foundation.


(1) PHYS102 or (PHYS101 + CHEM211); (2) MATH102. These prerequisites may be replaced by a high level of achievement in level 3 NCEA Physics and Mathematics with Calculus or other background approved by the Head of Department. RP: MATH103 or EMTH119.


PHYS202, PHYS314

Recommended Preparation