Entrepreneurship and Small Business

10 points

Not offered 2021, offered in 2017, 2018, 2019

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The decision to start business is made hundreds of time each week in New Zealand. In terms of frequency, it is followed by the decision to close a small business. Internationally, New Zealand has a relatively high rate of business start-up, but relatively few of these grow into significant companies. The aim of this course is to develop some practical understanding of the opportunities and problems associated with the start-up and subsequent development of small businesses. The material should be directly relevant to those already in their own (or family) business, or who are seriously thinking of starting one. (Note that the compulsory business plan may be based on a development within an existing business.) It will also be useful for people whose careers will involve dealing with small businesses as customers, clients, suppliers, or employers.


Subject to approval of the MBA Director