Sedimentary Facies and Basin Analysis

15 points

Not offered 2019, offered in 2016, 2018, 2019

For further information see Geological Sciences


This course will focus on depositional facies in different types of sedimentary basins. Sedimentary systems respond to tectonically controlled basin structures which also affect subsidence and basin geometry. Tectonic setting also determines the prevalence of volcanism which can interact with sedimentary processes. Seminar topics will be based on depositional settings and put into the context of tectonic setting with an emphasis on how it can be applied to petroleum systems. As such, understanding basin geometry and the response of sedimentary processes to basin bounding structures will frame the discussion. Day trips in the field will look at outcrop from a petroleum systems perspective. Seminars will be structured around topics that will vary depending on student interests.


Subject to approval of the Head of Department.