ENCI601-18A (C) Any Time Start 2018

Risk Management

15 points
Start Date: Monday, 26 March 2018
End Date: Sunday, 24 June 2018
Withdraw Dates
Last Day to withdraw from this course:
  • Without financial penalty: Friday, 6 April 2018
  • Without academic penalty (including no fee refund): Friday, 1 June 2018


Risk concepts; context and perceptions; risk identification, analysis, evaluation and treatment; quantitative and qualitative risk analysis; ethical issues and risk communication; applications and case studies.

ANYTIME START means:  A course that starts outside the normal semester dates.  Check the timetable below for actual teaching dates.

This postgraduate course will cover:

• Risk management concepts and processes;
• Risk assessment and evaluation;
• Risk communication.

No pre-requisite knowledge in these areas is necessary, although some previous background in probability and statistics (e.g. completion of ENCI303: Engineering Decision Making) will be useful.

Learning Outcomes

  • This course is expected to develop student skills to the level where the student:

  • has a solid grounding in the basic concepts and processes of risk management
  • can apply their knowledge of risk assessment and evaluation
  • understands principles and practice of risk communication


Subject to approval of the Director of Studies

Timetable Note

The course will comprise 32 hours of lectures and other sessions, presented in two 2-day blocks:

In addition to participating in the blocks, you will be expected to study the material provided and other references, and work on the items for assessment.

First Block 9-10 April 2018
Second Block - 14-15 May 2018


Assessment Due Date Percentage 
@RISK exercise #2 5%
Fault and event tree assignment 5%
final exam 50%
@RISK exercise #1 5%
Critical review of selected reading 5%
Risk management progress report presentation 10%
risk management final project report 20%

Textbooks / Resources

Course Notes, References and Other Resources

There is no prescribed text, but many useful and relevant documents (e.g. ISO 31000) are available in the Engineering Library and/or will be provided on Moodle/Learn, the university’s on-line teaching system. Many useful web-links and on-line documents will also be referenced where appropriate. Students will be expected to use the above-mentioned sources to supplement ‘handouts’ distributed in class for annotation during classes.

Course emails will generally not be sent to work or student addresses, and students will be expected to monitor the Moodle/Learn system for notices about the course and its assessment. Queries to staff can be sent via Moodle/Learn.

Indicative Fees

Domestic fee $1,059.00

* Fees include New Zealand GST and do not include any programme level discount or additional course related expenses.

Minimum enrolments

This course will not be offered if fewer than 5 people apply to enrol.

For further information see Civil and Natural Resources Engineering.

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