Education, Globalisation and Development

30 points

Not offered 2020, offered in 2019

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Globalisation is one of the most keenly debated subjects in the world today. This course considers the impact of globalisation, in its various forms, on education. Particular attention will be paid to changes in New Zealand and the wider Pacific region. The course will have both a theoretical and a practical focus, and students will be encouraged to compare policy ideals with social realities. The notion of development will be examined in relation to both the history of colonialism and the more recent emergence of neoliberalism as the dominant political ideology across the globe. Contemporary constructs of the knowledge society/economy and new variants of nationalism will be explored. The course will also discuss the implications of globalisation and neoliberalism for teaching and research in tertiary education institutions.


Subject to approval of the Head of School


EDUC417, EDUC617, PACS405