Introduction to Econometrics

15 points



This course teaches basic skills in econometrics, which is the statistical analysis of economic data. You will learn how to (i) develop a regression model, (ii) estimate it, and (iii) interpret it. General topics that we will cover include OLS regression, prediction, dummy variables, model specification, model selection, robust standard errors, time series forecasting, endogeneity, and qualitative choice models (logit and probit). Two thirds of the course utilizes the statistical software package Eviews and emphasizes application. The remainder teaches the mathematics behind the estimation procedures.


(1) ECON104 or ECON105; and (2) 15 points from STAT or MSCI110. RP: MATH101 or Year 13 Math with Calculus.


Recommended Preparation

MATH101 or Year 13 Math with Calculus.