Animation Project I

15 points

Not offered 2023

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In this project course, students will produce a creative animation output, with scaffolded support from an academic supervisor. Students will work in groups to develop a script, including characters and scenes, for a short animation. They will use techniques such as story boarding to plan out their animation, using concepts from film such as staging, framing, blocking and posing to decide what visual assets need to be created for their animation. Students will design and create any visual assets, finding and creating reference materials for all the assets in the scene. For animated objects, students will locate and create animated reference materials, and consider how structure, motion, physics and timing will bring these objects to life and give them a sense of personality. Finally, the students will bring together all these aspects into a final short animation. At each stage of the process, students will be required to discuss, critique, reflect, and iterate on their own work and the work of their group mates.