Special Topic: The Trustworthy Data Scientist

15 points



This course will stimulate students to think about the ethical facets of their data scientific projects and provide them with conceptual and practical tools to assess said project. The ethics and security of data collection, storage, manipulation, analysis and communication is of paramount importance in our information based society. This course faces these topics from the point of view of data scientists rather than consumers or data subjects enabling the student to become trustworthy professionals. The students will learn to identify risk and opportunities related to fairness, agency, interpretability, and security. Maori Data Sovereigneity, Te Mana Raraunga, and its relevance for data scientist in New Zealand will be introduced. The course will follow a flipped class-room flow. Fundamental concepts will be first introduce via guided discussions and hands-on-data exercises during the laboratories. In the lectures, the understanding of concepts and tools introduced in the laboratories is made rigorous and generalised. The course will provide a safe and supportive environment in which students can express their ideas, explore their ethical frameworks and collaborate to find common ground. Students will need to be familiar with basic data science concepts and techniques.


Subject to approval of the Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics.