Information and Software Visualisation

15 points

Not offered 2018, offered in 2017

For further information see Computer Science and Software Engineering


The visual display of information has become the dominant mode of presentation in the interaction between people and software. In recent years, the field of visualisation has experienced rapid growth. Fundamental techniques for conveying effectively the information "hiding" in data have been used for many years by people such as cartographers and the range of technologies available today not only supports richer and more interactive visualisations but also makes them accessible on a wider range of platforms. Effective visualisation involves mapping attributes of the application domain to the properties of the visual representation (shape, size, colour, texture, ...) allowing greater insight into the science behind the numbers generated by simulation, numerical analysis and other software. Software visualisation involves the application of information visualisation to problems and data in the software engineering domain.


Subject to approval of the Head of Department.