BIOL496-22S2 (C) Semester Two 2022

Plant Developmental Biology and Biotechnology

15 points

Start Date: Monday, 18 July 2022
End Date: Sunday, 13 November 2022
Withdrawal Dates
Last Day to withdraw from this course:
  • Without financial penalty (full fee refund): Sunday, 31 July 2022
  • Without academic penalty (including no fee refund): Sunday, 2 October 2022


To examine recent advances in plant biology research and, where appropriate, the implications of this research for biotechnological applications. Seminar topics may include any aspect of plant development and plant response to its biotic and abiotic environment.

This course examines recent advances in plant biology research and their potential for biotechnological applications. Topics covered in the course include how plants respond to pathogenic signals, and how plant cells sense sugar signals.

Recommended preparatory course(s): BIOL352.

Learning Outcomes

  • As a student in this course, I will develop the ability to:
  • demonstrate a sophisticated understanding and evaluation of experimental design, methodology and data in the field of plant biotechnology. (assessment task: internal assessment)
  • access and critically assess the scientific literature in plant developmental and stress biology. (assessment task: internal assessment)
  • develop and trial my own “teaching to learn” techniques. (task: class presentations)

    Transferable Skills Register
    As a student in this course, I will develop the following skills:
  • An ability to manage in a team work environment. Most jobs require interactions with others to accomplish a task to a particular standard and on time. (Graduate Attribute 2: Employable, innovative and enterprising)
  • A greater competence in evaluation and design of techniques relevant to experimental plant biology. (Graduate Attribute 2: Employable, innovative and enterprising)
  • An appreciation of opportunities arising from recent advances in science and technology for solving practical problems. (Graduate Attributes 1 and 4: Critically competent in a core academic discipline of their award and globally aware)


Subject to approval of the Head of School.



Timetable 2022

Students must attend one activity from each section.

Tutorial A
Activity Day Time Location Weeks
01 Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00 Jack Erskine 443
1 Aug - 28 Aug
12 Sep - 25 Sep

Course Coordinator / Lecturer

Claudia Meisrimler


David Leung


Assessment Due Date Percentage 
Essay 25%
Final Exam 70%
Seminar participation 5%

Indicative Fees

Domestic fee $1,084.00

* All fees are inclusive of NZ GST or any equivalent overseas tax, and do not include any programme level discount or additional course-related expenses.

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