15 points

Not offered 2022, offered in 2021

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The general aim of this course is to discuss major concepts in the bioinformatic analysis, application, handling and management of large-scale biological data, and apply these bioinformatics methods to real-world issues. The central focus will be on bringing together previously developed skills in programming, computing and data wrangling, and evaluating how these skills apply to biological datasets. This paper will also discuss the cultural, political, social and legal issues regarding data ownership, use and governance. The course will consist of regular lectures and computer labs, where students will be able to explore biological datasets using their knowledge of bioinformatics. The emphasis is on the amalgamation of students’ previous two years of training and experience, providing students with the context and the background required to apply their skills in the real world. Skills learnt will be assessed via short computer lab reports and a final exam. BIOL337 is a required course for enrolment in BIOL338 (Bioinformatics Project).