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Anthropology PhD

120 points
07 Jan 2019 - 05 Jan 2020


Anthropology PhD

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy involves extensive, sustained and original research and study in a subject of your choice, with the results being presented in a thesis which will contribute to intellectual knowledge of the field. It is normally the highest academic qualification available and is a mark of intellectual ability, self-discipline and commitment. A PhD prepares you for an academic career in your chosen subject.

The thesis must meet recognised international standards and presents the outcome of the research, placing it in the broader framework of the discipline or field of study. Carried out under qualified supervision, study towards a PhD promotes intellectual independence and the capacity to embark on further research at an advanced level.

PhDs are offered in a wide range of subjects at the University of Canterbury (see below).

Before applying for a PhD, it is important that applicants contact academic staff to ensure that the University has expertise in their intended area of research.

To find out more about the research interests of staff search the UC SPARK. UC SPARK provides information about individual researchers, the projects they are working on, the research groups they belong to, the specialist equipment that they use for research and their affiliations.

Doctor of Philosophy PhD


Subject to approval of the Anthropology Programme Director.

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Zhifang Song

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