Politics, Power and Capitalism

30 points

Not offered 2019, offered in 2018

For further information see Language, Social and Political Sciences


This course poses fundamental questions about the domain of "the political" in relation to interest, influence, and power. It applies these concerns to the dominant social, political, and economic system of our times - capitalism. Concerned with its historical and geographical spread, its ideological manifestations, its crises, and its oppositional movements, it introduces students to critical ethnographies that explore issues of wealth and inequality, protest and control, and the role of military, technological, and economic power in contemporary societies.


30 points of ANTH including 15 points at 200 level; OR 30 points of ANTH or
SOCI at 200 level; OR 60 points in related subjects including 30 points at 200 level with the approval of the Head of Department.