Academics with expertise on climate change

The health and societal impacts of climate change

  • Professor Bronwyn Hayward: Sustainable development, youth advocacy, climate change and citizenship. Coordinating Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR6 report (cities & infrastructure) and lead author for the 2018 Special Report on 1.5 (Sustainable development & Poverty eradication).
  • Associate Professor Sara Tolbert: Climate education and advocacy
  • Professor Simon Kingham: Sustainable transport, impact of urban environment on health and wellbeing

Changing behaviours

Developing low carbon alternatives and solutions

Future energy supply and storage

  • Professor Neville Watson: Leading a project to ensure modern renewable energy can be integrated into the country’s electrical grid to future-proof the power supply
  • Dr Rebecca Peer: Sustainability, energy systems, water systems, climate change, data science

Adapting sustainable business practice

Law, politics and economics of climate change

Impact of climate change on urban infrastructure

The wider environmental effects of climate change