Student Volunteer Army

Following the Canterbury earthquakes the Student Volunteer Army (SVA) captured the imagination of New Zealanders as UC students, studies temporarily suspended, hit the streets of Christchurch to shovel silt and provide assistance to communities in distress.  More than five years on, the SVA is UC’s largest student club at over 2,000 members and continues to volunteer in various community projects each weekend.

UC formalised arrangements to officially become the Principal Supporter of the SVA in 2015, in order for the club to continue the selfless work they had become renowned for.

In 2016 we launched the UCan programme, a UC and SVA initiative to encourage secondary school students to embrace the SVA ethos of community service and ‘giving back’. Students from across 20 Christchurch schools, ranging from age 14 to 18 took part in the programme, and as a result, we have seen a number of high school volunteer armies springing up across Canterbury.

UC are proud to be a Founding Partner of the Serve for NZ movement, a campaign created by the SVA to encourage all New Zealanders to pledge an hour of their time on Anzac day to serve their community in spirit shown by the Anzac troops. Find out more about Serve for NZ.