Amanda Denston

Amanda Denston

Rehua Level 3
My research aim is to further understand the role of psychosocial development in children, especially in relation to literacy development.

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I am interested in children with literacy learning difficulties across childhood. This includes psychosocial development (and links to well-being)and literacy development. I am also interested in the development of early literacy skills in children and factors that may influence this.

Recent Publications

  • Bennett H., Denston A. and Arrow A. (2023) The effectiveness of a parent-implemented, phonological awareness programme on the phonological awareness skills of preschool children. Australian Journal of Language and Literacy
  • Denston A. and Arrow A. (2023) Transition and continuity in school literacy development. Educational Review 75(3): 593-595.
  • Denston A., Martin R., Fickel LH. and O'Toole V. (2023) Re- engaging a culturally and linguistically holistic approach to education in Aotearoa New Zealand: How teachers’ noticing fosters children’s socio- emotional development. Wellbeing: Global Policies and Perspectives: Insights from Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond: 101-122.
  • Arrow A., Neville A., Denston A. and Nicholson T. (2022) Investigating the number and type of literacy assessments and interventions in Aotearoa New Zealand primary schools. Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties 27(2): 185-199.
  • Denston A., Martin R., Fickel L. and O'Toole V. (2022) Strengthening Socio-Emotional Learning in Aotearoa New Zealand: Teacher and Whānau Understandings of Wellbeing. New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies