Megan Gath

Senior Data ManagerMegan Gath

(Currently on maternity leave)
Internal Phone: 91054

Research Interests

Dr. Gath's research interests are centred in developmental psychology, with a focus on parenting, family dynamics, and children's social, emotional, and moral development. Recent projects include a focus on children's screen time in relation to social and language development, and associations with the parent-child relationship.
Dr. Gath specialises in quantitative research methods and statistical data analysis, and her previous work has included working with large datasets such as the Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI).

Recent Publications

  • Gillon G., McNeill B., Scott A., Arrow A., Gath M. and Macfarlane A. (2023) A better start literacy approach: effectiveness of Tier 1 and Tier 2 support within a response to teaching framework. Reading and Writing 36(3): 565-598.
  • Gillon G., McNeill B., Scott A., Gath M. and Westerveld M. (2023) Retelling stories: The validity of an online oral narrative task. Child Language Teaching and Therapy Early Access Online
  • Kil H., Gath M. and Grusec JE. (2023) Dual process in parent–adolescent moral socialization: The moderating role of maternal warmth and involvement. Journal of Adolescence
  • Gath ME. (2022) Parents and Adolescents in Stepfamilies: Longitudinal Links to Physical Health, Psychological Distress, and Stress. Journal of Child and Family Studies 31(1): 17-28.
  • McNeill B., McIlraith A., Macrae T., Gath M. and Gillon G. (2022) Predictors of Speech Severity and Inconsistency Over Time in Children With Token-to-Token Inconsistency. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research ePub Ahead of Issue: 1-15.

(On Maternity Leave)