What can I do with a degree in Taxation and Accounting?

Professor Adrian Sawyer, Taxation and Accounting, winner of the Australasian Tax Teachers Association Hill Medal, in recognition of outstanding contributions to tax teaching and policy in Australasia.

The New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) and Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia recognise the importance of studies in taxation, with courses containing taxation content included in their ‘core’ and ‘accounting and/or business related’ academic requirements. Studying taxation will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a taxation specialist within the accounting profession, a commercial professional or a chartered accountant.

Through their Taxation and Accounting degree, graduates develop a valuable set of transferable skills that includes:

  • Logical and quantitative thinking
  • Numerical confidence
  • Interpretive and analytical thinking
  • Problem solving skills
  • Practical application of knowledge
  • Computer skills
  • Understanding of tax law and regulations

Opportunities to apply your learning beyond campus are available through work-integrated learning (eg, internships) and international study
tours. These experiences deepen your skillset, working knowledge, and employability.

Studying taxation will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a taxation specialist within the Accounting profession either as a:

  • Commercial professional or
  • Chartered accountant.

Recent UC graduates have been employed in:

  • Chartered accountancy firms, taxation experts and management consultants eg, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, EY, BDO, Hargreaves, Moore Stephens Markhams, Soutar & Associates, Campbell & Co, HC Partners LP, Staples Rodway, Crowe Horwath, Nexia New Zealand
  • Parliamentary auditors eg, Audit New Zealand
  • Government bodies and crown entities eg, Inland Revenue Department, Public Trust
  • Banking eg, ANZ, Westpac, BNZ, Kiwibank
  • Tax refunds eg, Woohoo NZ Tax Refunds
  • In manufacturing, construction, information management, retail, logistics, software and more.

As a Taxation and Accounting graduate you will be able to work globally.

Graduates with this degree are employed in a range of jobs — see some examples below.

Note: Some of the jobs listed may require further study. See 'Professional bodies' and 'Further study' sections on this page.

Tax consultant

  • Engages in tax planning and transaction structuring
  • Provides advice about tax obligations
  • Calculates tax liabilities and allowances
  • Ensures tax laws are complied with
  • Advises large enterprises on cross-border tax issues


  • Manages the flow of money through an organisation
  • Reviews and analyses the performance of businesses, governments and other entities
  • Provides financial advice to managers, entrepreneurs, business clients and governmental bodies

Financial controller, finance manager

  • Manages the finance team
  • Oversees financial accounting and management reporting
  • Analyses performance against objectives and make recommendations for improvement

Business analyst / consultant

  • Generates financial and other information
  • Reports on organisations, projects, contracts
  • Analyses economic and business trends to inform decisions and protect interests

Auditor, audit analyst

  • Examines financial statements
  • Provides evidence as to the accuracy of these
  • Checks the legality of funding use

Forensic accountant

  • Examines illegal financial activity
  • Analyses financial information and data for evidence
  • Acts as an expert witness

Internal auditor

  • Carries out audits of systems
  • Advises management of the strength and reliability of internal controls
  • Reports to the board of directors

Tax auditor

  • Examines financial statements and tax returns
  • Ensures tax deductions and credits are accurate and lawful

Interest rate risk manager

  • Helps clients to manage their interest rate risk
  • Tailors solutions to meet client needs and goals
  • Uses market insight and risk management strategies

Customer service specialist

  • Provides information or advice to people
  • Uses product knowledge to attract customers
  • Starts the next steps in the process


  • Develops an idea to form their own business
  • Gets involved in a start-up
  • Offers their services as a consultant

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Pathway to chartered or certified accountancy

Some Taxation and Accounting major students aspire to become chartered or certified accountants. The Bachelor of Commerce Taxation and Accounting major is a pathway to external qualifications.** In Australia and New Zealand, these qualifications are associated with joining one of the following:

There are equivalent bodies in most other countries. These organisations can provide regular communications and offer the chance to network. Social media networks such as LinkedIn can keep you up-to-date with industry events and jobs.

** Note: specific courses must be included in your degree. Speak to a Business Student Advisor.

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