Where can your specialist skills take you?

You will have a variety of opportunities that you can pursue as part of your career, utilise the "Know yourself" section to guide you to search and identify opportunities that are a good fit for you. To learn about opportunties explore occupational and industry information, where your specialist skills can take you, and how to prepare for the future job market. 

Needing to make a decision about your study or career? Refer to the career decision-making model.

Your degree will give you an area of specialisation, and skills relevant to specific areas of employment. It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of possible careers in any area, but our "What can I do with a degree from UC?" series can help you start this decision-making process.

Succeed in the future job market

The employment landscape is changing rapidly as technology advances. Adaptability, creativity and transferrable skills will help you move with the market and ensure your skills remain relevant.

Prepare for the fast-changing job market

Occupational and industry information

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