How CareerHub works

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CareerHub is an online database of job, internship and scholarship opportunities. We also advertise events on the site, and book appointments.

Information on CareerHub

  • Job vacancies
  • Upcoming employer presentations
  • Upcoming Career fairs and seminars
  • External scholarships (see the UC Scholarships site for full scholarship opportunities)
  • Career-related articles and links
  • Links to employer websites

Make a booking

  • Get an appointment with a UC Careers Consultant
  • Attend a Career seminar

Sign up to the Co-Curricular Record

  • Manage your co-curricular involvement and get recognition for your activities

How to access CareerHub

You are automatically registered on UC CareerHub when you enrol at UC and you can continue to use the service after you graduate. Just log on CareerHub using your UC IT username and password.

Manage your career development and job search

on the CareerHub website