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Many graduate jobs are formally advertised online. The following sites are a starting point for graduate job seekers, but you should also do your research to find unadvertised opportunities.

Essential websites

  • UC CareerHub - a student and graduate job website providing a link between students, graduates, employers and Careers, Internships & Employment.
  • Looking for a job in different regions around New Zealand? Click here to find out more about the Regional Job Matcher tool created by Careers New Zealand and how it can help you.
  • Careers New Zealand contains an extensive job vacancies links section in a range of industries and sectors in New Zealand and internationally.
  • Going Global provides useful information on working in many different countries around the world. Information includes: CV & resume advice, interview advice, job websites, cultural advice, plus much more.
  • Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) contains a 'search for work' section for finding graduate positions in Australia and abroad.
  • Graduate Opportunities is Australasia's premier graduate jobs directory and annually publishes books with student and graduate job opportunities.
  • Prospects is the UK's official, leading provider of information, advice and opportunities to students and graduates. It includes information on working and studying in over 50 different countries around the world.
  • Inside Buzz has helpful tips on finding work in the UK, including being able to download free career guides, job vacancies, careers advice, plus much more.

CareerHub is an online database of job, internship and scholarship opportunities. We also advertise events on the site, and book appointments.

Many students must juggle study with work to support themselves. The Student Job Search website lists current opportunities available to students in Canterbury and beyond. Search the Student Job Search database.

Specialist job vacancy websites

Careers, Internships & Employment advises you to:

  • Do a background and reference check for teaching English as a second language organisations before applying
  • Understand the visa requirements of the country you want to work in
  • Check with the New Zealand based Foreign Embassy of the country you are applying to work in if you have any further questions/concerns
  • Keep up-to-date with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade advice for New Zealanders travelling and living overseas
  • Go to UC CareerHub to find out more about TESOL or other international internship opportunities

These organisations have been reference checked for UC CareerHub:

Teacher registration

  • The Education Council of Aotearoa New Zealand is the professional and regulatory body for teachers in English and Māori medium settings for early childhood, schools and other related education institutions.

New Zealand and International

  • UC CareerHub lists a range of national and international opportunities for teacher education graduates.
  • The New Zealand Education Gazette Online is published for the Ministry of Education. Vacancies are available on the site within two working days of their submission. Click on 'Subscribe to Vacancies'. You can register for the vacancy alert system to email you each time a new vacancy matches your search criteria. It is free and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Sport and recreation

  • Sport New Zealand provide a free job service for the New Zealand sports and recreation sector. They also post vacancies for high-level jobs in overseas sport organisations.

Careers, Internships & Employment would encourage you to get information on where jobs are posted in your field from an academic member of staff within your department.

New Zealand



Careers, Internships & Employment advises you to:

New Zealand

  • Volunteering Canterbury contains volunteer opportunities not-for-profit non-government organisations in the Canterbury region.
  • Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ) is an association of regional volunteer centres and national organisations with a strong commitment to volunteering.


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