Career fairs and employer presentations

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Wondering what you’ll do when you finish your degree? Curious about part-time jobs, internships, summer work? Head along to a Careers fair or event to find out about the opportunities waiting for you.

Get the most out of our fairs and events

Each year we invite local employers in four major sectors to showcase their business and the opportunities they can offer to UC students.

Check out the list of exhibitors a few days before the Fair or Event. Identify the organisations that appeal to you and do some research on them.

Make sure you have a good understanding of what they do and prepare some specific questions. You will impress the organisation by your knowledge and genuine interest in them.

Dress appropriately

First impressions count. Make a little effort and dress up for the event. You don’t have to wear a suit, however “smart casual” is recommended. This will send a positive signal to your potential future employer that you are serious about finding a job.

If you can, come in early. When it is less crowded exhibitors will be more relaxed to take their time in answering all your questions.

Prioritise the employers you are most interested in

If you can, first visit the employers that you are the least interested in and work your way up your list.

This gives you time to hone your introduction and approach before you visit the employers you are most excited about, and will help you to make a confident impression.

You may have to wait to speak with some employers.

Think of an introduction that works for you. It can be as easy as shaking the employer’s hand, stating your name and your field and year of study. You can then ask – in general – what opportunities they have for someone with your degree.

If you have done some research, this is the time to ask your questions and impress the employer.

Ensure that the valuable information that you receive regarding job opportunities and closing dates or any other company information is not lost. Take leaflets and brochures when provided. Have a pen and notebook with you so you can write down any additional information.

Ask for a business card

If you are really interested in a particular company and you had a good conversation with the representative, ask for their business card. This will provide you with all the contact details, and gives you a link within that organisation.

Send them a little ‘thank you’ email to acknowledge the help you have received on the day of the Fair. You’ll give a very professional impression.

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