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Careers, Internship & Employment makes it easy for you to engage a student for your business or organisation, with tools and resources to help you find the student you need. We are keen to know more about your opportunity in order to assist you, please complete this form.

Benefits of engaging a student

Students will bring a fresh perspective, up-to-date knowledge and loads of enthusiasm into your organisation. And they can even assist you in raising your profile by building close relationships with students and our progressive university departments.

Students will approach projects within your business with a fresh and creative outlook and utilise cutting edge research that is available to them via the university.

They haven't previously been involved in your core business, so their approach, ideas and suggestions will be original, resourceful and produced specifically to add value to your organisation.

Students working in your organisation can help to raise your profile. Offering a student an opportunity to undertake a project or piece of work that you identify can result in significant opportunities to raise your organisation's public profile and image within the community.

Building close relationships with students and our progressive university departments will help to provide you with knowledge that you can transfer to your organisation to assist with development.

Get access to the best before your competitors do, and identify potential employees.

Having students in your workplace allows you to observe the attitudes and abilities of different individuals and can help you to further clarify the types of skills and personalities that best suit your business.

Great skills and a strong work ethic will always be in high demand. Engaging with students early ensures that you get the pick of the upcoming talent - before anyone else does.

Get some of those projects done that have been sitting on your shelf for ages!

There are probably heaps of things you've been wanting to do - but simply haven't had the time or staff to do it.

Whether it's implementing a marketing campaign, sorting out your administrative processes, or planning your expansion a student can add real value to your organisation.

Student and graduate recruitment

As an employer you may wish to recruit a student and graduate for work to begin at the end of the academic year (mid-November).  These opportunities may include summer work, internships, projects, clerkships and studentships as well as full time graduate programmes and other full time employment opportunities. Please be aware though if you have part-time work opportunities during the year, our students would be very interested to hear about them.

We encourage employers to advertise their student and graduate recruitment activities on NZ UniCareerHub. As all of our students have automatic access to our recruitment website and our graduates continue to have access post completing their studies.

Hiring a student

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